Roof Panels – Customized

PUF panels are sandwiched panels made of polyurethane which is usually sandwiched between two metal sheets.

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Roof panels are made with  polyurethane foam (PUF) sandwiched between layers of waterproof and non-corrosive material. These pre-fabricated roofing panels are designed to withstand the high external temperatures and Heavy rainfall , Roof panels controls  the transmission of heat by 5-6 degrees approx, and also absorbs and reduces the noise of rain as well. These roofing panels are aesthetically designed, sound-proof and weather-resistant. Roof Panels  require low maintenance and durable in nature, making them a cost-effective roofing solution.

Tech. Specifications

Panel Thickness 30mm to 100mm
Sheet thickness 0.5 mm
Sheet lamination Pre Painted Galvanized Iron – PPGI
Insulation Poly Urethane Foam – PUF
Density 40. + / – kgs per cub mtr
Closed cell contents 90 – 95%
Horizontal Burning Test 125 mm ( Extent of Burn )Fire retardent , self extinguishing foam
Water absorption 0.2% of volume @100% RF Max
Applications Wall Partitions, Cold Rooms , Clean Rooms , Prefab Cabins , Farm Houses , Pent Houses
Temperature Difference to ambient 5 Deg C
Colour options White / Green / Blue / Terracota / Brick Red
Durability Better
Asthetics Better
Dismantable Yes
Weight approx – 10 kgs per sqmtr ( for 50mm thickness , weight will change as per thickness )
Safety Better as both sides metal sheet is there
Customized sizes Available on request
Customized laminations Available on request
Panel Joints Over lapping Joints
Standard size 1080 x 2400 mm / 1080 x 2700mm / 1080 x 3000 mm

Application Areas

  • Convention Halls
  • Large Churches
  • Large Meditation centres
  • Prefab offices
  • Prefab Malls
  • Amusement parks
  • Pent House
  • Farm House
  • Theatres
  • Industrial Buildings